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What is an unconscionable prenuptial agreement?

The period between an engagement and the wedding ceremony is perhaps the most romantic time for a couple-the anticipation, excitement and elation that one feels before getting married is unparalleled and simply talking to one's future spouse is a delightful experience. But when the conversation turns to a prenuptial agreement, all the romance goes out of the equation. Discussing how to divide property and debt in the event of a divorce, before the couple even gets married, is a damper on all joyful emotion.

Effect of domestic violence accusations on custody awards

With there being at least three million children witnessing acts of domestic violence annually across the country, it is suffice to say that it is becoming an epidemic in the country. In fact, many couples in Missouri as well as the rest of the country, may be filing for divorce because of domestic violence. When there are children involved in the marriage, the accusations of domestic violence affect both custody and visitation determinations.

What can I do to help my child adjust in school after my divorce?

Parents with children know that the real new year doesn't begin on January 1, but when children begin their new school year. It means new beginnings-either through a new school, class, teacher or friends. For many children, it could also be the first time they are attending school after their parent's divorce has been finalized and the new school year is even more stressful than it should be.

Extracurricular costs and child support calculations

When a divorce is finalized in Missouri, including the child support order, many parents may believe that is the end of the family law legal issues they will face before moving on with their lives. But then school starts, and so do the extracurricular activities, bringing about the question: who is going to pay for the activities and the material associated with them?

Knowledgeable assistance on family law issues during divorce

When a family is living together as a single unit in Missouri, it gives all the members of the unit stability, especially the children, who may not be aware of the struggles the parents are going through to keep up a united front. For various reasons, the couple may no longer be able to remain married to one another and decide to get a divorce, opening up a Pandora's box of questions from the children. But often, it is not only the children who have the questions; even the parents are now going into unchartered territory, where not only is everything familiar to them going to change, but they will also be introduced to new legal concepts they do not understand.

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