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Age, number of marriages, genetics factors in divorce

Most people know that a marriage is never easy- it takes hard work on part of both of the spouses to make it work. This is perhaps why individuals who have been divorced before or have divorced parents hesitate to tie the knot, and others wait until they are much older before getting married. But could they be setting themselves up for failure? According to experts, these same reasons could be factors that could increase their likelihood of getting divorced.

According to data obtained by the CDC, first marriages are 35 percent likely to end in divorce within 10 years, whereas 40 percent of second marriages are likely to end within the same period. Similarly, age could play a role in how long the marriage lasts-though many people know that getting married young is a mistake, waiting too long to get married could be equally risky. Couples who got married after the age of 32 were more likely to end up divorced than those between late twenties and early thirties.

Additionally, genetics could also play a role, but not in the way many people believe. There is a long held belief that when a child sees their parent's marriage end in divorce, the child is more likely to end up divorced as well. Though a recent study has proven this to be true, its not for the reason many believe-genetics play a more important role than environmental factors. After studying around 20,000 adopted children, experts concluded that children followed the behaviors of their biological parents, not adoptive. This demonstrates that personality traits rather than psychological issues could impact a marriage.

The risk factors identified by experts are just that-possible reasons couples' marriages could end. Just because someone got married early on or later on in their life doesn't mean their marriage is doomed. But when a couple does sense that the end of their marriage is near and a high asset divorce with complex asset division is imminent, for whatever reason, they may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney for guidance on how to end the marriage as smoothly as possible.

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