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Working with clients to get an equitable distribution of property

A Missouri prenuptial agreement is one way that couples determine the distribution of their assets -- they divide up property, income and debt before getting married to ensure there will be little to contest, if the marriage ends. Another way couples separate their assets and debts is while they are married, by entering into a post-nuptial agreement. However, for various reasons, not everyone enters into these types of agreements and leave themselves open for legal disputes, if they end up divorcing.

Courts first have to determine marital property and separate property. As mentioned previously, one of the factors to consider the separation date. Similarly, debts must be separated as well.

The court will rely on the divorcing couples to convince them about the ownership of the items being divided and where there is no previous agreement in place. They will have to provide documentation of when the asset or debt was acquired, how it was kept and by whom. This can end up being complex and burdensome for the parties involved.

Experienced lawyers at our firm can prove very knowledgeable support during this time. We can help our clients separate and prove their inheritance, gifts or property acquired before the marriage, from income and purchases made while the couple was together. We are well-versed with the legal system in the state and use our experience to our client's advantage. Additionally, rather than approach a third party for asset valuation in a high asset divorce, we pride ourselves on having access to a range of experts on family law issues and provide exhaustive legal advice to those who need it.

Getting through a divorce can be difficult, but leaving family law issues to the experts can somewhat ease the process for those who are going through it. We help our clients retain ownership over what is rightfully theirs. For more on high asset divorces, visit our page.

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