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Extracurricular costs and child support calculations

When a divorce is finalized in Missouri, including the child support order, many parents may believe that is the end of the family law legal issues they will face before moving on with their lives. But then school starts, and so do the extracurricular activities, bringing about the question: who is going to pay for the activities and the material associated with them?

What steps are taken for child support enforcement?

There are many difficult decisions divorcing parents in Missouri and elsewhere must make. And even when custody and child support orders are agreed to and in place, this does not always mean that parents will not have to re-visit these matters. They may, at times, just have to demand that the rules be followed. In fact, if a parent fails to keep up with child support payments, the other parent has legal steps afforded to them to help them enforce a child support order.

Understanding the ins and outs of child support

Being married with children can be a joyful and eventful experience. However, being divorced with children can be a complex and emotional matter. For Missouri parents going through a divorce, there are many serious matters to address and difficult decisions to make. One of these choices relates to the financial wellbeing of the child or children. While it can be difficult to reach a final agreement, it can be a very important divorce issue to resolve.

Why is January considered, "Divorce Month?"

The holidays are behind us, but a shaky marriage is still on the ropes. It comes as no surprise that January is considered by many to be "Divorce Month," as spouses enter the near year with the realization that the marriage is not sustainable. With the new year, many spouses vow to make a change to start over, often meaning divorce for unhappy couples.

Working through a strained marriage during the holidays

It is not uncommon for couples who are in a strained relationship to "wait things out" during the holiday season. The reasons are multiple. The holiday season is traditionally a time when families come together, whether it is for family dinners, social gatherings or to exchange gifts and celebrate their love for one another.

What are possible ways child support can be enforced?

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can experience. While there are many different elements that need to be considered, one of the most important are the children involved. Making sure all children involved in a divorce are cared for properly is difficult on its own, but the matter of child support can be messy as well. Sometimes, a situation can arise in which one spouse doesn't pay the child support they are tasked with. Thankfully, there are options available that can help enforce child support payments.

Child Support extends beyond basic necessities

During a divorce, nearly everything changes in the lives of all parties involved, including both spouses, family and friends of the divorcing couple and of course the children. While the parents need to go through a lengthy process establishing child custody, determining property division and deciding on new living arrangements, children must try to understand what is happening and make appropriate adjustments. During this time, it is important to protect the best interests of the children. In many cases, this means establishing child support for the custodial parent.

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