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The importance of legal advice in a high-net worth divorce

The end of a marriage is usually emotionally challenging for spouses. When significant financial assets are involved, divorce can become even more emotional and sometimes downright hostile. Whenever a couple has substantial value in the form of real estate, retirement accounts, business investments, stocks and other assets, the potential for a drawn-out battle is high.

Can you keep your inheritance in a high-net worth divorce?

For many Missouri residents, divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage, although the emotional aspects are often profound and can linger for years. For people who have accumulated a wide array of property and assets, however, divorce adds the challenge of a more complex litigation process. High-asset divorces typically require a thorough analysis of the properties involved, their value and potential disposition during the property division phase of divorce.

Ken Griffin's high-net worth divorce continues

Saint Charles, Missouri, residents may be interested to know that there are two common types of divorce. The first type of divorce involves divorcing parties who have few properties or assets to divide. The second type involves an array of property and assets, also known as a high-net worth divorce. High asset divorces are often more complicated than common divorces. Such is the case with Ken Griffin, a Chicago hedge-fund manager, and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin.

Reality TV matriarch files for divorce from Olympian

A couple in the middle of a high-net worth divorce often faces more complex issues than people who are involved in more common types of divorces. Here in Saint Charles, Missouri, though, local residents may be familiar with divorce cases involving high-profile individuals with lucrative careers and significant assets. In such cases, there is much at stake. High-asset divorces often involve an array of properties and assets, ranging from artwork, cars, offshore accounts, business assets and bank accounts. Dividing those assets can become complicated without a prenuptial agreement or if either spouse decides not to cooperate during the divorce process.

Marital property laws shape outcomes of high-asset divorces

One of the most important issues that has to be settled in any divorce case is property division. Divorcing individuals who have little in the way of property or assets may find their division relatively easy compared to divorcing couples who have amassed considerable properties. Missouri residents may be familiar with high-asset divorce cases involving high-profile individuals such as celebrities and politicians. In most of these cases, divorce became contentious because considerable properties and assets were involved.

Retirement plans are the "real deal" in divorces

Sometimes marriages last and sometimes they don't. Divorces sometimes fall into two categories - a common divorce or a high-net worth divorce. For a common divorce, the process can end quickly, especially if both parties have decided to be amicable about the way their property and assets can be divided. For complex divorces, or for those people who have accumulated a wide-array of assets during the course of marriage, divvying up the assets can be particularly challenging. Our Saint Charles, Missouri, readers may want to know some common mistakes that can be made during a divorce.

Film director Moore heading for high-net worth divorce

Divorce is not just about child custody, support and alimony. For St. Charles, Missouri, residents, the division of property and assets is also an important divorce issue. The outcome of this division can certainly help divorced individuals start a new chapter of their lives, making it a subject that requires thorough attention, especially if the stakes are high.

High-net worth divorce ends in settlement, wife gets millions

Often, a long lasting marriage does not only have a wealth of memories, but actual wealth, in the form of assets including property, bank accounts and businesses. Once a marriage turns sour, spouses often scramble to take control of whatever they think is their due. This mad dash is something that St. Charles, Missouri, couples might find completely ridiculous until they find themselves on opposing sides of a high-net worth divorce.

Simplifying stock division for divorcing Missouri couples

At times, dividing assets during a divorce is not just limited to retirement accounts, a house and marital property. Some couples have significantly more assets than others. Others have stocks under their names. Whether the stocks are from a business ownership or from being an employee of a fledgling company, stocks tend to make property division more complex. However, there are ways to simplify and fairly divide stocks during a divorce in St. Charles, Missouri.

What happens to business assets in the event of divorce?

When a couple decides to enter marriage, they think of their future together. This outlook changes once the couple decides to part ways and divorce. In Missouri, as elsewhere in the country, married couples who start their own businesses and companies together face unique challenges when their marriages begin to fell apart. They inevitably have to face the question: what will happen to the business assets now that the couple has decided to divorce?

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