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Stay cool: an important tip in handling high asset divorces

Compared with most divorces involving a modest level of property, high asset divorces can be challenging due to the numerous assets at stake: offshore accounts, retirement plans, artwork, cars and marital homes, among others. In a high asset divorce, property division can be tough, to say the least. To obtain their fair share amidst the sometimes heated negotiation, Missouri residents should consider a few tips that will enable them to fully understand their rights and make levelheaded decisions.

Co-running a business can complicate divorce asset division

People in the business world in St. Charles, Missouri, and beyond, know how emotions during a divorce can have a ripple effect on a business organization, especially if the divorcing couple owns the business. Spouses who have worked hard and invested so much in a business with sentimental value are bound to be upset if that business must be dismantled in a divorce settlement.

Gray divorce can affect retirement

Many people across the United States save up for their retirement with the goal of having a good life after leaving the workforce. However, life changes such as divorce may affect that goal. Between 1990 and 2010, gray divorces, or divorces between spouses 50 and older, doubled. In 2010 alone, one in four divorces were between baby boomers. Experts believe that the trend is caused by the increasing lifespan of Americans, among other factors.

Dividing marital property in a high-asset divorce

As many Missouri residents may know, divorce nowadays can happen at any stage in life. Increasing numbers of older couples are now divorcing after many years of marriage, with at least one or both spouses 50 years of age or older. This national shift in divorce demographics now means that one in every four divorces involves older couples, a number that is twice what it was in the 1980s.

How marital agreements play out regarding 401(k)s and divorce

Retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, are one asset that will be addressed in the event of divorce in St. Charles, Missouri. Most spouses are fully aware of how valuable retirement plans are, which is why some people choose to exclude them from the division of property included in marital agreements.

Star's lawsuit shows not only family affected by divorce

Residents of St. Charles, Missouri, are aware that divorce can be difficult. Fights often occur between the divorcing couple, especially when there is a sizeable amount of money or assets that can be divided. Most high-net worth divorces take a long time to finalize because of the intricate process of dividing assets and the pursuit of hidden assets.

Both sides of prenuptial agreements in high-net worth divorces

A prenuptial agreement is often associated with a high-profile couple entering a marriage. In Missouri, a prenuptial agreement enables high-net worth individuals to protect significant assets and properties in the event of divorce. It could also prevent disputes in property division, allowing spouses to focus on other important matters like child custody and child support.

The importance of asset valuation in a high-net worth divorce

Saint Charles citizens know that divorce is a major life-changing event. Disputes are common, especially if there are significant business assets and/or property involved. In a high-net worth divorce, couples may find themselves disagreeing about monetary assets, real estate, stock options, retirement plans and even business ownership. High-profile couples who are currently dealing with marital dissolution may learn from the experience of the ex-wife of the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers -she is claiming that she did not get what she was entitled to during her divorce proceedings.

Financial implications of gray divorces in Missouri

People who live in the St. Charles area may have anticipated that whenever a widely publicized divorce case is featured in the news, it is about celebrities who have substantial assets However, couples aged 50 years and above who decide to divorce may also be regarded as seeking a high-asset divorce. This may be true if retirement plans, pensions and a 401(k) plan are taken into account.

Prenuptial can be essential to high-asset divorces in Missouri

It may not be surprising for residents from St. Charles, Missouri; high-asset divorces are complicated. Because each couple battles over their assets, marital property, business assets and other valuable belongings that may have been brought to the marriage, high net worth divorce are assumed to be contentious. However, the complex divorce proceedings of high-net worth couples may be prevented through a prenuptial agreement.

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