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Establish paternity to help your children get what they deserve

When it comes to family, nothing is more important than your children. Watching them grow into full adults is a rewarding experience for many. You help them shape their values, get through difficulty and support them in their successes and their failures. They are your legacy.

Establish paternity to reap certain benefits in Missouri

Whereas divorces have many different legal issues that need to be resolved between couples, establishing paternity has a more narrow focus. Fathers in Missouri often establish legal paternity to get child custody, child visitation or to make child support payments. Whatever the case, establishing paternity is the first step to legally become responsible for one's children.

Ways to establish paternity in Florida

When a couple is married to one another when their child is born, there is an assumption that the husband is the father of the newborn. There is no need to take any action to establish paternity in such cases. Establishing paternity at the hospital when the child is born, is the easiest way to do so in Florida. Even if the parents are unmarried, they can fill out the Paternity Acknowledgement form in the hospital and sign it in the presence of the notary public provided by the hospital. The form will be forwarded by the hospital to the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics for the recording of the child's birth and the father's name will be on the birth certificate.

Common issues with paternity actions and current paternity laws

Securing parental rights is important for individuals in Missouri and elsewhere. However, some presumed fathers find it challenging to initiate and progress through paternity issues. Whether they seek to establish paternity to gain parental rights or prove that they are not the father in order to terminate child support obligations, going through a paternity action is often difficult and does not always have favorable results.

Helping you navigate a paternity dispute

Missouri residents may face their fair share of family law issues throughout life, and a growing number of them may face paternity issues. When there is a dispute concerning the paternity of a child, this not only impacts the father or mother asserting or denying the claim, but also the child at the heart of it. Thus, it is important that paternity is treated like the sensitive issue that it is, because establishing paternity is not always an easy process to go through.

How is paternity established in Missouri?

Not all families are the same; some might be mixed families, others might be divorced and even some might only be run by a single mother. While it is typical to find various family types in Missouri and other states across the nation, paternity is a growing issue when it comes to fathers obtaining parental rights or mothers seeking child support from an alleged father.

What is paternity fraud?

The birth of a child is nearly always met with happiness and joy for the parents of the newborn, as well as each's respective families. For married couples, the child's father is presumed to be that of the mother's husband, and this presumption is immediately acknowledged after birth on the child's birth certificate. For unmarried parents, a father can claim paternity as long as there is no dispute as to the paternity of the child with the mother of the child. For births where there may be a question as to who the father is, it is not uncommon to use DNA testing, which can be done immediately after birth or even in the child's pre-natal stage, to determine who the child's paternal father is.

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